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Skype Recorder Lite has a neatly designed interface. It has simplified some seldom used functions from Skype Recorder
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17 June 2013

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This is a tool that records Skype calls.

Skype Recorder Lite will record Skype conversations. It starts automatically when a Skype call starts and records the conversation in the session in high quality audio files. This is useful both from a personal angle as well as from business perspectives. On a personal level you may want to listen to the nice things somebody said to you. You may want to relive the feelings of that moment again and again. From a business angle you may need to go over the call recording to make sure you heard everything right and understood everything your business partner or a client or a business prospect was saying. The full version has some features that are specifically useful for business calls, which this lite version does not have. This lite version has a smaller interface than the regular one.

Even with that, the interface is nothing cryptic but is very easy to use for just about everyone. Someone who can operate Skype should be able to make use of this tool effectively. Its operation is absolutely intuitive so that you know what to do next, even on the very first use. If the skin of the application does not appeal to you, you can always change it. The call recordings can be organized the way you want, just as with all other type of data files. Whatever is your need, this is a tool that can be very useful.

Publisher's description

Skype Recorder Lite is the most requisite mate for Skype conversations. It auto starts with your Skype, and records Skype calls in high quality audio files. It comes with a clean interface, you can easily know what to do next at the first time you used it. The new released Skype Recorder Lite enables you to change skins as you wish. If you are looking for a personal Skype call recorder, Skype Recorder Lite is your best choice.
As you maybe know, our Skype Recorder Pro has been awarded as Best Recording Quality a few months ago. The new Skype Recorder Lite has inherited this feature. Also it has many other new features. Skype Recorder Lite has a smaller interface than Pro version, and you can change the interface color as you wish. It removed some business use functions and make itself more suitable for personal Skype call recording.
Think that you have just made a Skype call. You superior has just referred to some figures for a reception, how many guests will come and how many rooms should be reserved. You are confident that you can keep those figures in mind and did not jog them down. Then you make a call to the hotel, and your mind gets stuck when the other side asks for the number of visitors. Ask your boss for the number again? You will not seem so adequate for your work. Then you must sigh - if only your Skype can record those important conversations for you.
If you are looking for a cute personal Skype Recorder, you will love this Skype Recorder Lite!
Skype Recorder Lite
Skype Recorder Lite
Version 1.3
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